Bringing Hope And Change

To Native Reservations

The “matching funds” program is designed to help obtain the minimum delivery amount of propane to families on the Pine Ridge reservation.  Propane season is open Nov 1st and closes April 30th the following year.

Here’s an example of how it works:

Before you do anything, you'll want to contact Lakota Plains propane ((605-867-5199) to find out what the minimum delivery charge will be, then divide it by 2 to see how much you'll need on your end (see the IMPORTANT INFO at the end of this article).  Then, you'll need to contact us (info@bicona.com) anytime between Nov 1st and April 30th, to make sure that there are funds in the account to match. 

If BICONA funds are available, you would send half of the minimum amount to Lakota Plains propane, via: debit or credit card.   You can also send us a check or money order (click here for address), however, by doing it through the U.S. mail system, it could take up to one week to make the delivery, depending on the speed of the mail and the clearing of your check (see instructions below).


If a check or money order is written, you would make it out to The BICONA Foundation (after first contacting us), with the words: "matching funds" in the memo section, along with the name and address of the individual(s) who the money is intended, and send it to: The BICONA Foundation (click here for address).  We would then send your amount, plus the matching amount to the propane company, who will make the delivery.


If the matching funds are sent by debit or credit card, you would first contact us by email (info@bicona.com) to make sure that we have funds in the account to cover you.  If we do, we will call it in and set it aside for you  Then you would contact Lakota Plains propane - 605-867-5199 and let them know that you are paying matching funds for a certain address / family and that the BICONA foundation is paying the other half. Then give the propane company your debit/credit card information and pay your half.

If you do not make your payment on the day of requesting it, we will put the matching fund (that was put aside for you) back into our account the next day.

                                                                      IMPORTANT INFO

Our matching fund amount will not exceed $100.00.  So for example, if the minimum delivery charge is $210.00, we will only donate $100.00... if the minimum delivery charge is $150.00, we will donate $75.00, etc.

The matching funds will be limited to only 1 time per season (Nov 1st - April 30th), per household, as many people are in need, and we want to get to as many families as possible.