Many homes on poorer reservations are substandard.  Poor ventilation, black mold and lack of proper insulation become very problematic. The BICONA Foundation will be seeking grants to replace these dilapidated homes with cargo bin homes, which are becoming quite popular.

A few of the many benefits of building these homes would be:


- Solid and well insulated housing 
- Self sustaining homes, using solar power
- Hiring residents of the reservation and teaching them the building skills that they can benefit from
- Lessening the amount of piled containers on shipyards, thereby lessening danger
- Lessens the amount of wood, thereby lessening the amount of trees being cut for lumber 

BICONA believes that education is paramount to understanding the culture of any people.  Since the beginning of cinema, native people have been made out to be merely mythological creatures who live in Tee-Pee's and speak broken English; not even human beings.  To this day, people have a very skewed idea of who native people really are.

We will be looking into taping a monthly, live streaming talk show called "Native Tongue", designed to educate and inform the public on issues that affect Indian country, in an effort to bring a better understanding and eliminate the stereotype.


With an 85% unemployment rate on some reservations, poverty in a common thing that the people deal with on a daily basis.

The foundation will seek grants to support "OPERATION REZ-CUE's" bi-annual  drive to reservations, to deliver much needed supplies, including, food, clothing and building supplies.



Bringing Hope And Change

To Native Reservations